Buyers Premium

The Buyers Premium is charged to all buyers on Netfleet, and includes

  • the change of registrant cost/domain registration (2 years fresh registration)
  • administration
  • securely managing funds
This amount is in addition to the winning bid amount, or offer amount, and is mandatory for all domains bought on Netfleet.

In the case of Auction, when you enter your offer for a domain name a pop-up box appears in the window which notifies you of the buyer's premium and the GST which will be added onto that amount. In order to submit the offer and for your offer/bid to be accepted by the Netfllet system you would have had to click the "ok" button on the pop-up box, therefore accepting and acknowledging the charges.

The Buyers Premium is $49.95 inc GST.

It is important to note in the case of expired domains for Australia and New Zealand, this fee replaces the cost of registration fee that applied before, which equates to the same charge.

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