Close of Auction Symbols

Once the daily Auction has finished, you will see on the main Selling Today (No Reserve) page a series of symbols in the Place Bids column:


denotes Domain Pending.  This means the domain name is an expired domain, and Netfleet will attempt to register the domain on the highest bidders behalf, when the purge cycle for that extension runs.   For Australian domains, the purge cycle runs approximately from 2pm - 2:10pm AEST.  For New Zealand domains, the purge cycle runs approximately from 10:30pm - 10:35pm AEST.   Once complete, the symbol automatically updates to one of the below symbols.  If the Domain Pending symbol appears before the auction closes, this means there was a Buy Now price set for the domain, and this has been met (in other words, the domain has been sold to a client, and no further bids are possible).


denotes the domain was successfully registered by Netfleet in the highest bidders name, or if a client listed domain name, the domain successfully met it's reserve price, and has been sold to the highest bidder.


denotes the domain was not successfully registered by Netfleet in the highest bidders name - Netfleet policy is that if a domain is not successfully registered, there is no fee.

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