Domain Name Summary – 28th August to 10th September

The run since the start of the new financial year has only strengthened, with another 6 domains being added to our list of recent sales. In the last fortnight, these 6 names combined to add more than $27,000 to our running tally. Single word names and acronyms were by and large the major focal point, although a descriptive service name made the list as well.

With a prominent result, our highest selling domain was registered for just shy of $14,000. The name,, was picked up by one of our regular customers for the final sum of $13,859.95. Although search interest for the term is relatively low all year bar the lead up to the occasion itself, the name has some of the most positive attributes imaginable.

First of all, it is a single word, which also aligns with a very memorable event. Secondly, it caters to a wide range of end users across numerous different industries. Third, given the nature of the name, it is likely to capture a lot of interest from other searches involving additional terms (e.g. Christmas gifts). Finally, the target market which a name like this would be utilised towards is significant in value. Therefore, these reasons contribute to the formation of a notable price premium.

The next highest domain was, which was picked up by the same client mentioned above for $6,159.95. Unlike the client’s first purchase, search traffic for the term valuer tends to diminish around Christmas time. Outside of that period however, general interest is fairly encouraging by way of strong levels. The name is most likely to have appeal to the real estate segment, however, as is the case with most high value names, they cater for alternative segments as well.

Two acronym names also featured among the top sellers. and were sold for $2,579.45 and $1,765.45 respectively. Each name was picked up by separate sole traders, emphasising that the names have a broad appeal beyond corporate use. It is likely these two domains were chosen for their short and memorable names, with the former of the two selling for a premium due to less ambiguity as there are no numbers in the name.

As we highlighted in the introduction, we also witnessed a descriptive service name sold as a premium domain. was picked up by an existing client, Armstrong Services Pty Ltd, who has purchased numerous domains through Netfleet. Paying a total of $1,702.75, the name will join Armstrong’s domain portfolio, and will help promote its services to prospective clients for one of its secondary offices. If the website is SEO optimised, the domain will act as a great alternative for web traffic.

Finally, the same client who picked up the Christmas and valuer domains was back in action, also securing With a price point of $1,209.95, the domain represents a fairly low risk entry as an investment, particularly given the memorable nature and branding appeal that both serve as an upside on the name’s valuation.

That’s it for this occasion, stay tuned for the latest updates in our next post.

Best wishes,
The Netfleet Team

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