Domain Name Summary – 24th July to 6th August

With another fortnight of strong sales, we once again notched up over $20,000 in premium domain name sales. In fact, since the beginning of the new financial year, premium domain sales have topped $54,000. If you were ever in need of a sign that the domain market is well and truly alive, this should reinforce the point.

Turning our attention back to the names from the last fortnight, and it was a financial domain which took out the honours. Perhaps spotting the opportunity with regards to the current tax ‘season’, LKN Accounting Group Pty Ltd snapped up The final price for the transaction was the notable figure of $11,049.45. With the corresponding website currently under development, it would appear the new registrant intends to offer an online tax platform combined with its tax return advisory services.

Financial services domains have long been valued at a premium due to the potential upside they offer through their broad exposure. In this case, the direct keyword search terms are becoming increasingly common via the growing prominence of online services for completing one’s tax returns. Predictably, this corresponds with a large surge in search traffic in mid-July each year. However, this means it could be some time again before the new registrant is able to fully capitalise on the value of their new domain.

Following in second place was the descriptive keyword domain The name was registered by construction and fitout company Vertex Projects for $8,849.45. The search term appears to exhibit cyclical activity, with peaks aligning in March and May, and seasonal troughs over the Christmas holidays. Given the immediate relation between the acquiring registrant and the nature of the domain, it is conceivable they could leverage SEO to increase traffic to their site. The name is also fairly memorable due to its powerful visual association.

Another name with a high level of memorability is, which was picked up for $1,787.45. As is the case with most acronym domains, ioi offers end users versatility. This means it is likely to draw interest from a wider range of businesses in the future should the new registrant have their mind set on flipping the name.

Finally, in what is one of the more unique names to appear on our premium domain sales list, we had a foreign word slide into fourth place. was acquired by a sole trading entrepreneur for $1,149.45.While strictly speaking it is difficult to place a valuation on a foreign name in the Australian domain market, value will ultimately be derived from what an end user intends to use the name for. Therefore, while there could be a very small market oriented towards this name (e.g. French language schools, French cultural organisations), the niche could be one that prescribes a premium.

That’s it for this occasion, stay tuned for the latest updates in our next post.

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