Domain Name Summary – 14th August to 27th August

A variety of names featured among our notable sales in the second half of the month, with four more names making the grade to be considered premium domains. These sales included a service keyword domain, an acronym, a descriptive business name, and a brandable domain. Keep reading to learn more about the domains in question.

Taking the honours in this edition of our sales report was, which was acquired for a total fee of $8,385.25. Finance oriented names are quite popular among our client base, usually because of the appeal they hold to a range of high profile end users who are trying to edge each other out. This competitive aspect of their industry usually means they are open to aggressive marketing, and have a larger budget.

Therefore, a domain of this nature, with strong keywords that define a service, are incredibly powerful for SEO optimisation. What’s more, bar the Christmas holidays, search interest for the term is reasonably strong throughout the remainder of the year.

Our next name is a short three letter acronym, registered by Blue Sky Counselling and Therapy Pty Ltd. The domain in question is, with the registrant picking up the name for $1,831.45. Although it’s not yet immediately clear how the registrant will utilise this name, we’ve spoken previously about the versatility that acronyms provide in the marketplace.

The following domain was picked up by a company it appears is looking to align its operations under an overarching name. The Trustee for Global Pumps Trust, which operates the website, registered for the all-inclusive figure of $1,149.45. We imagine the domain is going to be used to incorporate other subsidiaries, which is one strategy that businesses often employ when they look to cross promote their complementary services, products or offers. Global Group will be an immediately recognisable name for customers, while also helping to align corporate branding.

We close out this week’s report with a name possessing strong brandable qualities. is not only short and memorable, but is associated with imagery and connotations. Further, the name isn’t necessarily restricted to a particular segment or industry, providing it with adaptability and added liquidity. Search interest for the term is usually subdued, however, coincidentally the name recorded one of its most prominent results a few weeks ago. The domain traded ownership for $1,149.45.

That’s it for this occasion, stay tuned for the latest updates in our next post.

Best wishes,
The Netfleet Team

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