Domain Name Summary – 11th September to 24th September

As has been the case for some time now, the surge in sales of premium domain names has shown little sign of abating. Within the last fortnight, another 7 names were sold to domainers and business owners, with the combined value of these names approximately $27,000.

Coming in as a clear winner, took out the top sale for the fortnight. The domain was registered for a total of $12,149.45, representing nearly half of the money from all the names across the period. The domain, which functions as both an acronym and a personal name, has a particularly low volume of interest via Google trends. Despite this however, the name is likely to be attractive to companies who can add a personal touch of branding to their business name, or those looking for a more memorable and efficient name to capture and retain web traffic.

Next, the business oriented name was acquired for $3,899.45. The area of yoga has become a rapidly increasing and popular sector, with numerous businesses and enthusiasts focusing on the practice. A name of this variety offers a strong and obvious connection to the discipline, while also adding a degree of branding. Accordingly, the name could be of significant benefit to a yoga studio operator.

The following name indicates that businesses still value alternative redirect names, particularly those which are shorter than the original. Silverline Australia has obtained the domain, which now acts as a redirect to its existing name, For the sum of $3,679.45, the domain provides a more memorable and associable reference to the business, which should help capture potential leads.

Property has also been a hot sector in the domain space for several years. Having secured the domain for $2,799.45, one of our regular domainers could turn this name into a lucrative investment by way of the various aggregator sites that may utilise a name like this, supported by strong underlying levels of interest.

We had two more acronyms make the list, courtesy of and With both names being treated as domain investments, the registrants will be hoping they can find the ‘right’ buyer to extract a premium on the registration prices of $2,117.45 and $1,271.55 respectively.

Finally, we have a peculiar name to round out this report. With a price of $1,206.65, edged its way into the premium category. As one might predict, the name has strong levels of search interest in Google, as well as several industries where the name may be utilised – for example, medical surgery. The name has been purchased by another of our regular domainers, and currently links to sites with related terms.

That’s it for this occasion, stay tuned for the latest updates in our next post.

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